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Seeing the opportunity of walking the beach while the tide was well out between The River Towy and The River Taf I couldn’t resist leaving my marks. It was only at the end trying to regain the proper Coast Path somewhere up those cliffs on the left  that I realised everything was overgrown and almost impenetrable.  I was so near yet so far.

My rendezvous with Marilyn/Nanny in ZUD was so close and eventually accomplished after scrambling up near vertical faces, rubbish tips and overgrown brambles. Exhausted, I cut my losses and headed home. Without a thought about when I have to resume my walk and  return to this isolated spot without back up.

Next time just cos the tides out, don’t assume the beach is a good short cut!

N B Check tetanus jabs are up to date. Re stock Elastoplast.


Oh Well!

Lost again…..