“WALKINGOENGLAND” BECOMES “STILLOENGLAND” – Episode 58 – 2264 miles done / 805 miles to go .

This blog records my journey round the coastline of England in the form of a letter to our six Grandchildren, in order of appearance; Rosie; Lauren; Stan; Jake; Rowan; and Maisie.  It began life entitled “Walking OEngland”  but has now been re-named  “StillOEngland” simply because I ran out of space.



Dear Rosie, Lauren, Stan, Jake, Rowan and Maisie,

The walk round England proceeds apace; regular features include sea, sand , footprints and challenging weather, as in the picture above.

Unfortunately the old blog, OEngland, couldn’t cope and I’ve reinvented things and will carry on the challenge to completely circumnavigate England on foot by my seventieth birthday in November 2017, and record it on StillOEngland

A previous feature of OEngland -The Numbers – has been distilled to the lowest common denominator, being distance covered and estimated distance left to travel. The former is 2264 miles;   the latter is estimated to be  805 miles left to walk. A grand total of about 3070 miles. { I still have ninety per cent of The S W Coast Path to complete, much of  Norfolk , Suffolk and North Essex,  And Newcastle to Berwick on Tweed.  }

I was advised that the English coastline was about 2800 miles..

Deduct about 250 miles from my  estimate ( I’ve included Offa’s Dyke and Hadrian’s Wall  – they didn’t)  gives 2820 miles -near enough! When you consider how many times I get lost, the comparison is quite surprising!  Let’s hope my estimate to finish is realistic. In terms of how many days walking , I guestimate about 70; I’ve already walked on 166 separate days. Just to complicate things That includes Hadrian’s Wall but not Offa’s Dyke


Let’s reacquaint ourselves with the The Crimson Worms wriggling their way round the coast. One has swallowed its own tale on the Isle of Wight and the other three will absorb each other as the walk nears completion.

Progress to 16 May 2016

Four crimson worms exist;  the longest from  3 Coombe Martin to Skegness, Gibraltar Point 49; and the next from Bridport  22, to Maldon, 34; COMPLETED 16, Isle of Wight; and 46, Hunstanton to Cley next the Sea, a bit of an aberration when Andy, Caroline, Jake and Maisie went on holiday.




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