Still0England/86 – Maisie’s Birthday Supplement and Mileage Addendum.


Dear Maisie, Rowan, Jake, Stanley, Lauren and Rosie,

It was lovely to see you all in The Peak District for Maisie’s several Birthday Parties, and so much Birthday Cake!  We gathered near the banks of The River Derwent (Derbyshire Version) at Chatsworth, even though it is about as far inland as one can get, it joins the River Trent, which joins The Ouse, which joins the Humber Estuary which flows into the North Sea.  And so, we have a beautiful but somewhat tenuous  link to the Coast Walk. Although no additional miles were added to the Grand Total, it has changed significantly.

Resting in Goal

Bobl needs to go back to school for Arithmetic lessons , because the Walk Auditor has spotted two errors in his adding  up. It seems around Episode 75 an extra 200 miles were credited to the account, as a result of Christmas Holidays , sick leave for a bad back and a new hard drive for the Laptop, and generally Windows 10 being a pain.  A rounding up error of one mile  was also detected by Hawkeye the Accountant in Episode 83. These excuses, plus hiding the error in between fluffy pictures should obscure the incompetence.DSC_1410

The correct Grand Total Mileage Walked is therefore 3,085 miles, in 242 days.


I feel much better about this because the generally accepted England Coastline length is 2,800  miles, and allowing additional 250 miles for Offa and Hadrian, plus my predicted 275 miles to the finish, will mean only about 300 miles is unaccounted for, or as some might say, “LOST” .  I think being lost for ten per cent of the Walk is quite good?

Maisie, 3, surrounded by her people

Happy Birthday Maisie.  The next Birthday Party and first Teenager will be Rosie in June


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