This is a blog recording my progress walking round the coastline of England by way of a letter to our six grandchildren, Rosie, Lauren, Stan, Jake, Rowan and Maisie  .

There are 3.188 completed miles, with about 170 miles uncompleted,  left to walk. By the time The Walk finishes in November, it will have taken four years, with over 252 actual walking days so far, reaching St Mawes, near Falmouth, on the Southern  South West Coast Path; and reaching St Ives on the Northern S W Coast Path below.  Not forgetting Newcastle to Berwick on Tweed. . I need to travel at just over one mile per day……..


Unfortunately,  The Blog isn’t going as well as The Walk and Gremlins have got in and re-arranged the Episode  numbers. This is Episode 89 – if you are looking for Episode 88 then scroll through 89  and 87 until you get to the misplaced  Episode 88. I can’t think of any other way to correct this; if you can, let me know, please!

{Now ALL fortunately corrected with advice from WordPress – something about a STATIC FRONT PAGE?}

I also need to publish a sacrificial Blog  Episode, to see exactly what happens in the Episode Sequencing, without risking a full blown Episode.


Another reason for this non-walk reporting Episode is to announce provisional details of the Walk Finale taking place on Saturday, November 11th around 1-00pm at Southend on Sea Pier. I have been in touch with Southend Pier and asked if I can borrow it for my Walk Completion Ceremony and what facilities would be available? Toilets? Café? Bar? Is it open? As yet I haven’t had any confirmation, but they did ask how many people were involved.

Therefore, in an attempt to best guess spectator interest can you, dear reader,  let me know if you will be attending?


And finally, Terry is joining Elizabeth, Marilyn and The Writer  on the next journey from St Mawes to The Lizard and Beyond.  Anyone else care to witness this?




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