Episode 104 – Unfortunately the Early June scheduled walk on The Wales Coast Path has had to be cancelled due to a catalogue of interruptions, mishaps and a plethora of unforeseen adverse unhealthy circumstances. No miles – no smiles – but progress on The Mill is grinding on, without VERA and VICKY. If you wondered about Privacy, read on….

dudley town hallpasha

Dudley Town Hall -Where’s Pasha? Anya?? Rosie and Lauren??? They were all giving us a “STRICTLY”  take on Hollywood. One of the unforeseen interruptions from which I gladly rested.   Scroll on for more detail….but first a bit of Admin.

Dear Rosie, Lauren, Stan, Jake, Rowan and Maisie,

Everyone, recently, seems to be enthused about privacy. You can’t have missed those countless emails intended to reassure that your vital statistics aren’t being sold to the highest bidder. You’ll be pleased to note that I couldn’t do that even if I tried. Some of the Privacy Statements I’ve read seem to do the exact opposite and encourage the recipient  to disclose even more personal data and give away their  rights.

It’s not for me to decide what you should and should not do with your personal information, but I personally guard everything carefully, and realise I should treat other’s personal data similarly. It seems many people are a bit casual about signing up for terms and conditions , and the like, without even reading the contents.

From now on, I shall contact all entries in my BLOG address book, firstly to see if they are comfortable there and secondly, to ask if they wish to continue to receive the blog via their preferred e-mail address.  Thereafter only those who explicitly request the blog will get on the list.

This will deep cleanse my address book and get rid of a host of out-dated information , and possibly leave me with only a handful of unfortunates still wishing to find out where I’ve recently fetched up on the England/Wales/Scotland coastline. Suits me fine! Less admin….

As for the contents of the blog, I will only include comment about guests joining me on the walk with their express permission, and offer these victims the right of reply.

In distributing the blog via email addresses I will endeavour not to disclose addresses to others without permission.

Any questions?



Answers – here’s Lauren and Pashalaurenpasha


And here’s Rosie and Pasha!



But we lost Anya – Where’s Anya? Rosie and Lauren and friends from Fusion Dance Factory performed with Pasha and Anya at Dudley Town Hall last Saturday to a packed house. They then slept for three days……. please send a picture of Anya, when you awake, Sleeping Beauties! 

All the best to my reader,


PS A last postscript to say goodbye to VERA and Vicky, the legendary back up vehicles – my carbon footprint wasn’t very green. Swapping to a petrol driven RAV 4 Hybrid called  “ZUD” has changed everything.

Their last day at The Mill…..vicky and vera







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