Episode 121 -Walking the Wales Coast Path Llyn Peninsular, 32 miles from Trefor to Mount Pleasant and within sight of Mynydd Mawr. Grand total around Britain’s coastline, 4,048 miles in 329 walking days

Picture by courtesy of Ordnance Survey showing my progress in scarlet, walking round Wales to date. The northern black marker shows I’ve nearly reached the end of the Llyn Peninsular and the white marker in the south represents St Ishmael by Milford Sound where I’ve stalled for a little while recuperating!

***Initial Draft – come back later to see the typos corrected and maybe a few extras**

Dear Rosie, Lauren, Stan, Jake, Rowan and Maisie,

Nanny, Bobl and ZUD set off from home last Sunday intending to mount an assault on The Llyn Peninsular. Instead it nearly blew us away, although there were many fine periods and dodging the rain and hail squalls became an art form. We knew gales were forecast and quite expected to spend a lot of time drinking tea waiting to walk in the excellently appointed bunkhouse courtesy of Sue and Ian. Yet again we have new standards to which we must aspire for accommodation. Have to say that – we want to return to finish off Llyn in luxury.

Waiting for the weather to change….. view from aloft

No we did not complete as much as hoped , but quite frankly the 32 miles, mostly in the right direction, was a bonus. We must return, and hopefully next time, I’ll have recovered from the severe buffeting by the wind, and the gales will have gone elsewhere.

The intended route was straightforward; return to Trefor and follow the Wales Coast Path as far as possible, without being distracted by the superb scenery and trying to stay upright on the slippery, muddy surface with the odd knee deep puddle, with regular ascents and descents.

The pictures tell the rest of the story; look on;

What gales? Waiting to leave Trefor.

Leaving Trefor – still no gales….

Over the saddle at Yr Eifl a steep climb and steep descent heading for centre right.

Porth y nant – starting to cut up rough
looking back at Porth y nant from Pystyll

Nefyn ahead and the weather- probably time to stop after nine miles into the wind!

ZUD waiting on the Wales Coast Path – in the rain at the end of day one.
Next Day – Porth Nefyn
More Porth Nefyn…. look at that sky – what gales?
Morfa Nefyn looking to the RNLI Station The truth is I couldn’t get the camera out in the gales – so most of the pictures were taken in the calm.

Nefyn Golf Club
The Wales Coast Path goes in every direction

Heading for Nefyn RNLI Station

Nefyn RNLI Station

Carreg Ddu from the Coastwatch Tower.

Coastwatch Tower….

Ian and Kathy are volunteer Coastwatchers near Nefyn Golf Course – I took shelter from the gales here for a chat and a rest.
Seals sheltering too on the Nefyn Edern Coast
Rendezvous at Porth Colmon with Zud and Nanny
Leaving rendezvous at Porth Colmon – unexplained why the Wales Coast Path moved inland and became poorly signed posted. I was also nearing the end of my batteries and looking for a suitable finish; as I could see the slope ahead and upward toward Mount Pleasant. I could also see a few miles out to sea squalls and cloudbursts heading my way in an otherwise clear blue sky
Looking for a finish – getting wet and going upwards

no finish at Whistling Sands and still climbing…

I eventually realised I was on collision course with a nasty black squall which had detached itself from the bad weather out to sea. I left the Wales Coast PathI headed inland but so did the nasty weather. Nanny could see me heading for a field full of cattle; and I could only see another field full of pregnant sheep and yet another full off recently born lambs . I don’t know how but I just made the shelter of the car soaked only on the prevailing wind side.

No more pictures – too wet and windy – the camera/phone was soaked but after sheltering for a while I took to the lanes again until I got to the foothills of Bryn Mawr and stopped! Home Zud

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