Episode 123 – Change of scenery on the Wales Coast Path to South Pembrokeshire. Walking 35 miles from St Ishmael via St Ann’s Head, Martin’s Haven, Little Haven, Broad Haven, Mill Haven and Nolton Haven to Newgale. The new grand total of 4,116 miles on my route round England and Wales, not counting one last sad visit to Christa in Berlin.


The Havens  – best picture?


RNLI at LittleHaven – add to RNLI collection. Closed when I visited!A01B3C37-29DB-442C-8990-85E945563679



Twice I got escorted by pony trekkers  on this trip – maybe I should get a Norse?

Sorry about the panic – my unfinished blog contains errors and omissions and now we’re rushing off again – where we won’t be walking any coastline… instead we’re stuck in the heart of Europe on the original Exit Brexit day. Berlin has very little scope for coast walking. A very sad few days as Nanny and I attended Christa’s funeral.

She was coming to visit in the spring.    A very lovely lady. We’ll miss the phone calls.

It all took the edge of this last Wales Coast Path trip – quick summary – All in two different pictures – below – the finish at Newgale Sands which extend for several kilometres and where I pick up the trail next time out- just to whet your appetite – bring yer togs! C’mon in the water’s  FREEZING!



View from the top and view from the bottom of Newgale Sands


… and the middle – sort of…..



St Ann’s


Dear Rosie, Lauren, Stan, Jake, Rowan and Maisie,

Nanny, Bobl and Nobby took off this last weekend to stay in Haverfordwest whilst walking the Wales Coast Path in South Pembrokeshire for three glorious April days – a fourth day was abandoned when our luck ran out and we awoke early  in the morning to a misty, damp atmosphere that portended worse to come. We cashed in our chips at 35 miles for the first three days. An excellent return at this time of year. Grand total mileage round England and Wales is now 4,116 in 335 days. And then we took off unexpectedly to Christa’s funeral in Berlin. So unexpected. So sad.

Meanwhile – back on the Wales Coast Path…

Aside – we don’t get much opportunity to complain but two incidents warranted our amused moan to relevant authorities. The normally excellent Premier Inn at ?, unfortunately lodged their noisiest occupants in adjoining rooms to ours. I eventually dropped off but Marilyn tells me they kept going most of the night!

Another chips story emanated from the adjacent eatery whose curious name , The Lost Coin, suggests they were losing money. When asked if my meal was ok, I happened to mention that my scampi and chips was a bit light in the chip department to which I received the reply “Everyone says that?”

Ordering another side of chips was suggested without it being clear who coughed up. So nothing happened except that we established they had set portions of chips! At least my waist line remains sylph like.

Anyone analysing my walking progress will note the decline in daily distances- I put this down to too many chips, returning from hibernation, slippery tracks, frequent steep climbs and very irregular winding paths and age! Simple!

Progress Map below by courtesy of Ordnance Survey showing my overall route around England and Wales, including Hadrian’s Wall and Offa’s Dyke. The circumnavigation of England is complete, with about 250 miles left to finish the Wales Coast Path  – mainly Cardigan Bay.

i have reached Newgale approaching St David’s on the southern Wales Coast Path and nearly finished the Llyn Peninsular on the northern Wales Coast Path arriving at Porth Ceriad aka Nant y Big

So sorry about clipping off the coastline in East Anglia and North Scotland – I’m trying new blog techniques – it should get better! don’t worry it’s not erosion.


The following pictures  in chronological order of my walk, don’t do justice to the scenery but here goes all the same….watch out for eroding cliff edges and perfect blue skies in April.
Saturday 6th April, 2019 – start point on the Wales Coast Path – from where I left off near St Ishmael in January earlier this year. The pictures follow in sequence as I meander up and down in and around all the nooks and crannies that make up The Wales Coast Path from St Ishmael via Dale, St Ann’s Head, Westdale Bay  Marloes Sands, Martin’s Haven, Nab Head, Borough Head, all  The Havens in St Brides Bay, finishing at Newgale Sands and home.
Watch house Bay
Fortunately low tide exposed this walkway near Pickleridge otherwise a high tide detour was in order

Approaching St Ann’s Head the rugged cliffs occasionally make room for beautiful secluded (inaccessible) sandy beaches….


Watwick Bay
Holiday lets and lighthouse at St Ann’s Head


Getting weary towards the first day’s end- slow going from the St Ann’s Head to Dale. I seemed to be walking much further than recorded.

Finish day one Nobby is the other end of this muddy track a mile away in Dale . Fortunately Nanny found a quarry lane to get nearer to pick me up. My legs had just packed up!



Day two or Sunday was the same pleasant weather of sunshine and light wind. Early supplies of sunblock were in order. The pictures above show progress from Dale to Martin’s Haven with Nanny in the last photo coming  to greet me for lunch.  After a suitable break I made it to Mill haven before retiring with twelve more miles completed


The third day was again magnificent for walking and i continued through the Havens and the eroding cliff top walk until the vast expanse of Newgale Sands demanded I negotiate the cliff face and drop down to the rocky shores below to walk the shoreline

This morass of former colliery workings was the otiginal cliff path down to Newgale Sands. Only one way down now – sliding on yer bottom – below are the views of Newgale Sands  from the top and the bottom



Nanny was waiting with Nobby at the end after another twelve miles today. What will tomorrow bring?

It brought rain and a decision to halt the walk and return home with a total 35 miles this trip in three walking days 

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