Episode 128 -walking The Wales Coast Path from Whitesands Bay near St David’s heading for Porthgain on Friday and Abermawr on Saturday adding 18 miles making new grand total of 4,231 miles

Nanny’s favourite picture of AbereiddyD2299306-39E5-49EC-B482-1CC01E353650F426F37F-8B7D-4ED7-9A97-BF2837554D0D

The theme for this walk is rain.

The patches proved useless and the pockets all rapidly filled with rainwater otherwise prepared for anything! On Friday it rained all day, but Saturday was sunshine all the time.

Progress map around Wales by courtesy of Ordnance Survey below and similarly around mainland Britain further below…


Closing in on Aberystwyth


The overall picture of the journey round mainland Britain with Aberystwyth spotted white and brass tacks pinpointing my present positions of Tywyn, north; Abermawr, south.

Dear Rosie, Lauren, Stan, Jake, Rowan and Maisie!

Running low on time to complete the circumnavigation of Wales before the finale in Aberystwyth at the end of July. Which is why we found ourselves heading out from Whitesands Bay in the pouring rain on Friday in the general direction of Aberystwyth. It was genuine unrelenting Welsh rain, the kind that soaks to the skin despite several layers of waterproofs and also the kind that reminds you that, although it is June, Summer is still far away.

Consequently, despite the superb scenic quality of my surroundings, it was real trouble and strife to use the camera and it wasn’t long before the damp and humidity had rendered all pictures sub-marine, so apologies in advance, and also for large gaps in the spacing due to being preoccupied with possible drowning  .

Clug..Gluggle  gulf gluggg..

Ramsay Island being left behind in the midst and mist of rain



Keeping to the treacherous, slippery path was tricky when you couldn’t look up in driving, stinging rain


There were no rendezvoussss for ten miles with no vehicle tracks intercepting the Wales Coast Path until Abereiddi where  Nobby and Nanny found me washed up on the beach and a rare picture of a road…


7478DB50-16DC-4E24-9C9C-9F1E8CFA5E95Leading to late lunch and a change of clothes

…. which allowed me to wring out another couple of miles towards Porthgain


Porthgain, back and front- a welcome port for any storm

Back to our warm, dry, welcoming b&b in Carnhedryn with Rhian, followed by a meal at the Farmers Pub at our usual table in St David’s – everywhere else was reserved

Forecast for tomorrow is no rain – hardly surprising, they used it all up today.

We’ll see!

What a difference a day makes. Twenty four hours and the sun’s shining and it’s warm


Saying farewell to Rhian after our second excellent visit to her b&b conveniently located in Carnhedryn with lots of help and advice.


Restarting from Porthgain

…..this time in the summertime!





Stopping for a break at Trefin, heading for Abercastle.




Still heading for Abercastle – Nanny warning – she has parked up and is heading my way

I have deviated off the Coast Path to visit Pen Castell Coch which juts out into the sea, at height, giving two glorious views up and down the coast and then the glorious view of Nanny coming to check I haven’t fallen off!





Below- Descending to Abercastle Harbour at the same time as a party of ladies Coasteering their way along the rock face opposite us, and when the rock face ended they dived off into the water- some more reluctantly than others!




Looking back on the way to Abermawr beach followed by the beach…..



………Below – Descending from the cliff top of Castell Coch through dense, steep undergrowth to find Nanny waiting on the Wales Coast Path, or beach, with a short walk back to Nobby waiting in the car park to take us home. The rain yesterday had exacted its toll and my legs refused to go any further.


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