Episode 131 – Walking the Wales Coast Path, (south), 34 miles from Aber Mawr to Newport Sands, Pembrokeshire, via Strumble Head and Fishguard. Total mileage round Wales and England is 4,401 -in 350 days. ….. only 72 miles to go before the Finale in Aberystwyth

5781BFDF-C7BE-438E-B345-1BDBBC5714D9My favourite picture! Hot enough for my first swim of the year- taking a short cut across The Afon  Nyfer at Newport Sands




Dear Rosie, Lauren, Stan, Jake, Rowan and Maisie,

It has been a busy walking time,  trying to finish my walk round Wales in time for The Finale . Nanny and Nobby accompanied me last week for  34 miles walking on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path from Abermawr to Newport’s Afon Nyfer on Wednesday to Friday. Not to be confused with the Newport in South Wales!

The route hugged the coastline mainly at cliff top level with very little opportunity to get to the shoreline.

Starting again at Aber Mawr, I aimed for Strumble Head and the first day’s walking ended  after 12 miles at Llanwdna with easy access to our b&b at Fishguard.

The second day totalled 14 miles walking via Goodwick and Fishguard to Dinas Island. It was getting mighty hot.

On the last day I completed the circuit of Dinas Island and pulled up short at Newport Sands after only 8 miles at the Golf House Clubhouse, totalling 34 miles this trip. I was overheating and over eating too much crab.

During this heatwave the overall mileage ticked over to 4,401 in 350 days making my daily average walk nearly 13  miles since November, 2013.

The gap on the Wales Coast Path Progress Map below, (Courtesy of Ordnance Survey) has now closed to 72 miles, from Newport (Pembrokeshire) to Borth


Below, Wednesday, at midday, I’ve returned to Abermawr, and start walking, although my app calls it Pencaer and  Castlemorris. Nobby and Nanny leave me to it and I set off for the next rendezvous


Soon heading for Strumble Head lighthouse – furthest below



No access to the light house


I lost my map and map case somewhere in this hay field…


Next day when I returned someone had hung them on the stile. Nice one! Thanks!!

. Next day heading for Fishguard





Suddenly the footpath became quite restrictive – walkers segregated from ferry traffic. Somewhere in there would be an RNLI Station which I couldn’t get at


The Harbour from Fishguard


A rendezvous with Nanny at the old harbour just in time for crab salad lunch at the quay cafe across the water- yes that’s the Wales Coast Path cutting a swathe through the greenery




Harbour defences!




The hottest days of the year so far…a group being taught coasteering. My walk is quite mundane in comparison



Must remember to look back ocassionally,  I’ve walked all that!





And looking ahead at what’s to come










Running out of words to describe these pictures, and feeling sad that the tour is coming to an end


Approaching Newport Sands and Afon Nyfer wondering whether the tide was right for fording the River


But first an iced drink and another crab sandwich lunch at the Morawelon  bar and restaurant, we can watch the tide.

We did and it seems quite safe to wade across. Cross the Afon Nyfer and finish in the golf club car park



…..5781BFDF-C7BE-438E-B345-1BDBBC5714D9much too hot to go on – on reaching the Afon Nyfer at Newport Sands, with the tide at its lowest, a great opportunity to cool down by wading across the main channel, after crab sandwich lunch, at The Morawelon, on the south beach.  I finished my walking on the north beach where Nanny and Nobby were waiting in the Golf Club car park. My wet boots will soon dry out in this heat



More crossing the Afon Nyfer – others followed me across,.,33AB0CBF-03DD-43E4-94CA-36B17E512A42

Hurry the tide’s coming in again!

Back soon to close the 72 mile gap….


Below. Going home via Aberystwyth – when we can get past harvesting equipment blocking the narrow lanes


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