Episode 133 – Resuming the Wales Coast Path walking 36 miles from Moylgrove/Trewyddel to Llangrannog reducing the north/south divide to Borth, to about 30 miles….or maybe more?- or is it less – confused? Read on!

087AC17D-30F5-406E-BDB6-CC5F5B78A4D6Progress Map by courtesy of Ordnance Survey. The southern crimson worm has turned up the heat and reached Llangrannog 25 miles south of Aberystwyth. Whereas his slippery northern pal remains holed up at Borth 6 miles north of Aberystwyth – use two fingers to enlarge the map!!

Dear Rosie, Lauren, Stan, Jake, Rowan and Maisie,

I’m running out of miles to walk and there is a realisation that another chapter in my walk around Britain’s Coastline is coming to an end as I approach Aberystwyth.

I’m beginning to think that the area I’m now walking is by far the most scenic and I want to photograph everything in sight which creates a selection problem further down the line.

The sequence is also questionable since enforced walking there and back creates double the opportunities and also twice the confusion in putting things in the right order. I think I can safely leave that to my dear reader – if the reader notices at all. Let random prevail…



Grand total miles  walked so far round England and Wales is 4,449 in 355 days but not all in one lump! In fact spread over several years.

If you think the total appears to be exaggerated- well it is- I include lost miles when I have gone out of my way unintentionally (unkind people call it lost) and I include duplicated miles where I have gone there and back on foot, plus any extra walking needed to actually access the Wales Coast Path (WCP)

Please  feel free to check my figures, you can borrow my marked up route maps and see you in about six years, unless you walk faster than I do.

Anyway, a rough guide would be that walking round England and Wales including Offa’s Dyke and Hadrians Wall is gonna end up being about four and a half thousand miles, give or take….

This latest several day walk starts at Moylgrove/Trewyddel where I lost and found my wallet last episode.

The next big town was Cardigan which I used as a bus hub as I walked the Coast via Cemaes Head and Poppit Sands.


Cardigan is well inland on the Afon Teifi with nowhere to Ford the river until the first bridge – Bridgend!


Above/ Bridgend Cardigan/the castle was being done up and not so photogenic. After that came Gwbert, Parcllyn, Aberporth,  Penbryn, Tresaith and Llangrannog

Penbryn  was picturesque beyond belief. I lingered longer here, maybe realising the WCP journey was coming to an end with heightened emotions; caused maybe by the superb natural surroundings; or could be the coffee, cake and ice cream at the Plwmp Tart?




Domestic issues – below-  camping at Llety and inside my personal public transport – for a while I was the only bus passenger

Above and below Llangrannog where this walk started and ended



A very early start, caused by a fox raiding the bins at my campsite. He came and sniffed at my tent and screeched at 3am; I got up and cleared the mess because next the gulls would come to investigate followed by rats. My trusty multi purpose steel tipped sticks were by my side. Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep and started my walk much earlier than usual.

I was desperate for a hot beverage it being very early and nowhere open. The Gilbert family came to my rescue and gave me early morning sustenance and Essex nostalgia. They had been coming here for summer holidays for years as a greater family and occupied a wonderfully positioned letting just by the boat slipway. As family continued to arrive I made my excuses and headed off refreshed looking back and down on their idyll -above – bottom right

Next was filling in a shortfall heading for Tresiath and back , running on empty and no buses to suit my timetable. I hate there and backs except this one was well worth doing twice .Refer the Plwmp Tart!

I returned to Llangrannog tired overheated but exhilarated.

Time to go home!

Hang on?

But what’s all this about ?


An updated Progress Map??02B1D472-EB86-4F72-A404-C79998AD9286

it seems the northern crimson worm didn’t go home straight away on Thursday, but instead slipped out and slithered into Aberystwyth unnoticed


There’s crafty for you boyo!

Heres the story in pictures very low key but the southern worm still has to complete the course in the finale on July 27 walking into Aberystwyth from Llangrannog


The plan was to walk 6 miles from Borth into Aberystwyth and catch the train back

Leaving Borth beach and the IRB Station




Looking back at Borth – below




Aberystwyth laid out ahead of me as I crest the next hill — another mile to go



End of the cliffs at Aberystwyth Cliff Railway


Followed by a walk into Aber to find the railway station out of here.

Below – Leaving the train at Borth from Aberystwyth where Nobby was waiting to take me back home, but not before we had negotiated an enormous might time diversion in the heart of mid-Wales where they seemed to be resurfacing every road I needed to use.


I got home at midnight. Otherwise a very successful journey making a mess of my arithmetic but I believe I have now completed 4,455 miles in 354 walking days!


The northern crimson worm had deviously got to Aberystwyth first.

All that remains is to complete the circuit by walking thirty odd miles from Llangrannog to Aberystwyth and celebrate with the Finale- with fish and chips and lime and lemonade at Aber  Baravan -full details available from Marilyn- dress code walking gear.


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