Episode 134 – One day trip to New Quay Walking 11 miles on the Wales Coast Path from Llangrannog; which only leaves about twenty miles to completely finish the Welsh circuit!

Below – Progress map courtesy of Ordnance Survey shows almost imperceptibly eleven Miles travelled from Llangrannog to New Quay on Monday  8th July, leaving a gap of about twenty miles to complete the circumnavigation of The Wales Coast Path


And making the grand total miles walked 4,466 in 355 walking days


Dear Rosie, Lauren, Stan, Jake, Rowan and Maisie,

I’m sadly running down the clock and also trying to make my last few days finishing The Wales Coast Path take as long as possible. This trip, which contains some of the most Cliff hanging edges encountered without safety harnesses,  involved driving ugly ZUD to New Quay, parking up and catching the eponymous Cardi Bach bus to Llangrannog and walking 11 miles back to NQ and back home all in one fantastic sunny day with just enough breeze behind me to keep cool. Just as well – either the hills are getting steeper or I’m running on empty.

The story in pictures;

Below at New Quay – awaiting the bus to Llangrannog, watching the “Flying Fish” removed from the water and beating the bus up the hill; eventually the ubiquitous Richards Cardi Bach Bus day drops us off at Llangrannog where the steps to the Wales Coast Path hint of further steps to be taken




Leaving Llangrannog the aerial  way – zoom in on the notice to read how a giant’s toothache created the bays…




Above – after Lochtyn ,NT, the Path seems to be creeping ever nearer the cliff edge…..





The notice, which I ignored, says something about there being a safer path somewhere avoiding the cliff edge – zoom in to see how narrow it gets! I survived😅🙈5AA71AF6-267B-4790-87CB-AC1F176C61C1595454A8-CB03-4154-8999-DAEF400274C6

Above – Craig yr Adar, NT or oblivion?




Finishing this walk to New Quay, below right, at the Harbour ….. and looking ahead in the distance – that’ll be Aberystwyth twenty miles away, hiding in the heat haze on the horizon, left. See you soon.


Just a congratulatory word for the Wales Coast Path bus services, which provide transport facilities to remote parts of the Wales Coast Path. Without them and their very helpful drivers I would still be walking. The logistics and planning are made so much easier when they go to places other transport cannot reach!


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