STILL0ENGLAND/93 – THE END OF THE ENGLISH LINE – AFTER WALKING 3,411 MILES IN 268 WALKING DAYS – ON JULY 25TH AT 7-30PM, I COMPLETED MY VERSION OF THE ENGLAND COAST PATH AT LAND’S END IN CORNWALL, PLUS OFFA’S DYKE TRAIL AND HADRIAN’S WALL PATH. I have just walked all the way round England in under four years. Beat that! See “ABOUT – Maps” by courtesy of English Nature defining the official route.

something sinister is lurking in the mists which is refusing to let me edit the headless picture  — any ideas?

These ABOVE poses were coaxed out of me; I am not normally given to such displays. You wouldn’t have thought I’d just walked round England – my way. That’s 264 miles further than New York

My walking  circuit of England following the proposed route of English Nature’s England Coast Path is now complete .The Crimson worm has now completely circumnavigated England and short circuited the Welsh and Scottish borders via Offa’s Dyke Trail and Hadrian’s Wall Path respectively. The Northern Worm on the S W Coast Path won the race to the Bottom at Land’s End, beating the Southern Worm by three days.

  Now for The Wales  Coast Path…

Dear Rosie, Lauren, Stan, Jake, Rowan and Maisie,

This is the last time I shall be writing to you to tell you all about my walk around the coastline of England. That is because last Tuesday, 25th July,  I finished walking from The Lizard to Land’s End along the South West Coast Path. I first started my walk in November 2013, so it has taken well under four years in total. Big Andy was with me taking care of all procedures and navigation necessary to keep me on the straight and narrow, and to allow me to savour my last days walking, without getting lost. Considering the mist that descended on us in the latter stages that was a considerable feat he performed. And very many thanks to everyone else who helped. You were wonderful.

P1050755[2333]bob andy signpost

No words needed! The last few days and hours were mobile navel gazing , contemplation and disbelief. I worked hard to restrain my enthusiasm and stop myself speeding up!

I am still speechless and slightly smug at what I have done. It was exhilarating. A mixture of inner turmoil and weariness.

The pictures that follow represent the journey from Kynance Cove to Land’s End. I will say again – no words needed. Irony or semantics. Very droll. Just shut up! The following pictures are courtesy of Big Andy, after my camera and phone succumbed to the seasonal cloud bursts. There will be therefore an unfortunate amount of my mugshots.

P1050731[2343]land's end fingerpost leaning post too
less than four miles to go to the finish
P1050721[2345]swcp lamorna

P1050714[2349]eleven and half miles to lands end
near the campsite at Mousehole on the South West Coast Path – still over eleven miles to go
P1050718[2347]mousehole harbour tide in

Memorial to Seafarers and…..the delightfully refurbished lido at Penzance


P1050644[2375]looking back at the lizard

Looking back at The Lizard – We’ve walked all that!

Breaks get longer – me to bathe, view, drink and attend feet – the ex- military to chin wag.

P1050628[2377]mullion cove

Mullion Cove

starting from kynance cove

Kynance Cove  – our start point on day three

After the walk and because my camera showed signs of life stopped off at Penzance to record previously neglected harbour views –

It is now over a week since finishing my walk around England, and I haven’t recovered. I realise I was running on empty for quite some time, and in the last three trips  between June 24th and July 25th I had walked 223 miles in 16 walking days.

I suppose, fitness wise I must have peaked this summer. The Paunch clings on – it won’t let me go.

In the nearly four years of the walk, I don’t recall such an intense period of activity as this last month, but this was fuelled by the knowledge I was on the final run-in.  I was pretty lucky with injuries and illness, I did take a few heavy falls and plenty of arthritic aches and pains and one twisted knee, but managed to walk through them. I never once even considered giving up and totally ignored any helpful advice that I might hold back. I was always conscious that I had to finish in the allotted timescale for fear of anno domini et tempus fugit. Carpe diem.

I feel this is a bit of a lame end to THE BLOG, but I’ve got nothing left – there is no more to say except I’m very pleased with myself, and The Walk around a Country the Size of Wales will now begin in the first weekend in September. Friday 1st,starting at Prestatyn heading for Anglesey. All welcome. Make your own arrangements. Let me know if you wish to join in. There will be no blog. Maybe some pictures.  Just one foot in front of the other and you’ll eventually get there.

Moments; – my most fearful  was just halting in time at the abrupt cliff face at Great Hangman; my enduring memory was the relentless beauty and walking severity of the South West Coast Path; my incredulity at the rapid natural regeneration of the North East Coast after the 80’s enforced mine closures; the contrast of summer sky and industrial pollution along the Teesdale Way; the plastic and metal  can litter along the North bank of the Thames filling every nook cranny and inlet but relief appeared to be at hand  with regeneration of the riverside pathways; and the Essex saltmarshes are particularly evocative because of childhood memories. Everything else was merely just fantastic!

By order, there will be a low key finale for The Walk on Southend Pier on November 11th, 2017, nearly coinciding with my 70th Birthday, leaving the shore end  at 1-00pm heading for the Café, Toilets and RNLI Station one mile and a third away at the seaward end. I am promised by the authorities that facilities and trains will open even on a bleak autumnal November day, but no alcohol, and they weren’t too happy  with a tape indicating the three thousand, four hundred and twelve and a third miles walked around the coast of England. Not too many people welcome just in case Health and Safety Regulations are breached….

…….definitely no running and ball games and  DON’T THROW PEOPLE BELOW!….




…and now to tame the garden after four years neglect

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