Episode 114 -Walking 17 miles on the Pembrokeshire/Wales Coast Path from Saundersfoot to Freshwater East with guests Elizabeth, Karin and Martin and a constant threat of rain.

Seventeen hard won, but companionable, miles walked this trip in three days. The difficult route, weaving along cliff edges, rising and falling irregularly from sea level to ninety metre contours, and slipping and sliding through mud, or baffled by sand dunes, all made it seem much longer. My grand total walked round England and Wales is now a catchy 3,888 miles in 316 days.


Map courtesy of Ordnance Survey with my completed walking route highlighted in scarlet worms….. Probably under 400 miles to go? Menai Bridge to Freshwater East.

Pre- ramble.      Before my walking guests appeared, there was a chance meeting and kit discussions with another long distance walker, when Ryan escorted me to my rendezvous with Nanny and ZUD in Tenby. He had overcome all sorts of personal adversities and was now working with charities to help others, particularly kids obesity and  welfare. Good luck!



Dear Rosie, Lauren, Stan, Jake, Rowan and Maisie,

Nanny and Bobl drove ZUD down to the Wales  South Coast on Sunday, 4th November, for three days, and resumed walking the Wales Coast Path at Coppet Hall Point near Saundersfoot.  Heading for Tenby- below-






On reaching Tenby, Nanny  and I were joined by Elizabeth, Karin and Martin…….



Penally Station  – most laughing nervously; he who isn’t, knows what’s ahead!  Nanny reverted to back up driver at Skomar; Martin and Karin   found their car waiting for them at Manobier; Elizabeth managed to get all the way to West Moat Farm, although probably sleep walking the last few miles. Bobl called time at Freshwater East just as the clouds burst.


……….under heavy, grey skies. The walk changed rapidly from urban promenades and beaches to very slippery rocky  climbs and descents. The pace slackened because of the conditions and we expected reduced targets, but this was compensated for by the support, banter and camaraderie. And fantastic scenery.

Our resident geographic and geologic expert Martin was able to explain to us the various natural phenomena that had created our scenic surroundings. Passing on knowledge gleaned from Wally Allen and Jimmy Alves.

Very little of the Wales Coast Path was alongside the road, it was mostly cliff top.


The only time we got lost was on the first evening, Sunday,  in Tenby  walking in circles looking for suitable eateries. We eventually found traditional crowded pub fish and chips. More than made up for on the second day at the Swanlake Inn, near Swanlake Bay, where we enjoyed a traditional Welsh  cawl for Monday lunch that was filling and delicious enough to keep us going until we found an excellent chippy in Tenby for  the second evening meal. Followed by the rest of the evening chatting and drinking in Tenby House.

I must praise Nanny’s  superb management of the transport logistics. Five people, three vehicles and various different agendas. I’m fairly sure everyone who came on the walk was accounted for, although Elizabeth had to be restrained from extending Monday’s final walk into Freshwater East even though she was quite clearly sleepwalking.

If we didn’t make our target of Freshwater East Nanny and I had anticipated possible mutiny with a bail out emergency rendezvous at West Moor Farm in fast fading light but still no rain. The plan worked.  Elizabeth was dissuaded from walking alone, but with torch, to Freshwater, We’d also been very lucky with the weather..


On Tuesday morning we gathered to go our separate ways home. But first Nanny and Bobl had unfinished business with Freshwater East to take care of……



Start/finish at Freshwater East…see you next time?




…….. followed by a visit to the two Tenby Lifeboat Stations.





In summary, a most convivial gathering and some extremely worn out guest walkers – and the rain held off until the final furlong into Trewent Park. In all, seventeen miles were consumed by the full walk from Coppet Hall Point to Trewent Park via Saundersfoot, Tenby, Penally, Lydstep, Manorbier and Freshwater East in the best part of three days. Now the tally walked round England and Wales has reached 3,888 miles in 316 days. The combined ages of the five participants this time out was nearly 350 years , or if you include ZUD, very nearly 350 years!?

can I get to four thousand miles before New Year?




Parting shots of Tenby Harbour above……



People – courtesy of Elizabeth – below



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