Episode 136 / Wales Coast Path- Walking 7 miles from llanrhystud to Morfa Bychan with Marilyn and Elizabeth

Dear Rosie, Lauren,Stan, Jake, Rowan and Maisie!

Unlike yesterday the weather was not so hot for this Friday Walk of seven miles from Llanrhystud to Morfa Bychan. In fact it managed to rain lightly two or three times and there was a pleasant cooling breeze.

ZUD, Marilyn , Elizabeth and Bobl gathered in llanrhystud at exactly the same parking lay-by as yesterday and with an extra effort began to get underway just before midday. I was a bit concerned about the rain clouds and that once we were moving along the Wales Coast Path there was no access till we reached the other end. Well maybe a bit at Tynbwlch, but my history of finding these poorly signposted tracks wasn’t good!


Note the dark clouds- but the rain never really happened.

The Path was a reasonably gentle slope mainly along the cliff edge and not much access to the beach and plenty of sheep




Above – Elizabeth’s view of the walk

And below some of her portraits

We ended up at Morfa Bychan in the middle of nowhere,really, all set for the main party tomorrow / but very little car parking. So tomorrow’s logistics are going to be interesting.


Marilyn had driven ZUD as far as she dared fortunately it coincided with our escape route

It took ages posing for this picture and lining up my witches hat…..92B4FC0B-026C-48C6-916B-AEE9FEF712F8

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